How TurtleBC works?

The TurtleBC system is inspired by Turtle Trading Strategy, however we use closing price here instead of the highest price which is used in the classic Turtle Trading Strategy.
The basic idea of Turtle Trading Strategy is to buy if a market exceeded the highest price for a particular number of preceding days, to sell when the price goes lower than the lowest low of the several previous days.
It resolves the Disposition effect problem, which relates to the tendency of investors to sell shares whose price has increased(miss big uptrend), while keeping assets that have dropped in value(hold the losers).
We help you capture every big trend and stay in it instead of selling too early or too late. You may lose money in some trades, but the trends will make you much more money in total.
We will send a signal to you immediately when we get it, the time should be between 12pm and 1am UTC. We also supply historical signals and profits, which you can see on market pages.