Buy Strength, Sell Weakness

If the signals came all at once, we always bought the strongest markets and sold short the weakest markets in a group.
Within a correlated group, the best long positions are the strongest markets (which almost always outperform the weaker markets in the same group). Conversely, the biggest winning trades to the short side come from the weakest markets within a correlated group.
The important thing is to have long positions in the strongest markets and short positions in the weakest markets.
From Way of the Turtle: The Secret Methods that Turned Ordinary People into Legendary Traders by Curtis Faith
The best profit markets in the TurtleBC are Markets with high-trading-volume, the ADTV(Average Daily Trading Volume) of which are greater than 100 BTC.
Note the BUY Balance(Account Balance of Buy Signals) in above screenshot, the profits are good for all of them now(April 16, 2017). That means you can earn money easily when following signals of these markets for long term.
Like DASH, the profit is more than 200 times in less than three years. And ETH, its profit is more than 30 times in 1.5 years.